The Role of The State with Desiree Dickerson

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It was really disappointing to see someone attacking my credibility. That hurt more than anything. Trying to take away from the hard work I have put into the space. That really got to me
— Desiree Dickerson

Twitter and specifically Crypto Twitter is a great place to network, learn and debate the critical issues around the Crypto space. Desiree is someone I connected with a while back, and outside of Crypto and blockchain, we discovered we have a mutual love of the hardcore punk music scene. 

After Desiree became the victim of a wholly disgusting Twitter troll, who cloned her account and starting harassing her friends and others on Twitter, I wanted to meet with her and discuss this. I wanted to understand the impact that something like this would have on someone and Desiree was very open about this. It was also eye-opening to see the poor response by Twitter in reporting the account, where they did not consider it to be harassment, but a parody account.

We don't only discuss the harassment; we also talked about the important work Desiree is doing in the blockchain space, specifically with regards to the work she is doing at Women for Women International and various issues in the Crypto space such as the role of the state.


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  • 00.00.00 Intro

  • 00.04.37 Desiree's background

  • 00.07.52 Understanding of what Blockchain is within traditional organisations

  • 00.09.18 Opportunities to use the blockchain within organisations and non profits

  • 00.12.58 Role at Women for Women International

  • 00.18.11 Investing in Crypto and current market thoughts

  • 00.20.06 How Desiree became harassed on Twitter

  • 00.28.03 The response from Twitter

  • 00.37.31 Confidence in the sector

  • 00.39.30 A future where we own our data

  • 00.45.49 Free choice and state control

  • 00.58.32 How to stay in touch with Desiree